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      Today is:

      Address:No.474 Xishan Road Licang District   

      Hot foil bags
      Name:Hot foil bags
      Introduction :

      Supply aluminum foil bags, cooking bag, vacuum bag, plastic bag, flexible packaging and a variety of materials can be used for food, medicine, packaging machinery used in various fields such as mold, can be vacuum can be boiling hot, steaming.

      Plastic bags, plastic packaging bags refers to the various types of aluminum foil and plastic film from the composite or compound formed between the various types of plastic film bags, such as: PE / PET / NY / VMPET / CPP / AL and so on. With non-toxic, tasteless, stretching of the strong, long shelf life, etc., aluminum foil bag also has a moisture, light, anti-static characteristics. After the finished product made according to use is divided into: aluminum foil bag, retort bag, vacuum bag, transparent bag, aluminized plastic bags and all kinds of flexible packaging bags, the outer color printing can be applied to food, medicine, machinery molds, agriculture Film, chemicals and other areas inside and outside the packaging.

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