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      Today is:

      Address:No.474 Xishan Road Licang District   

      About Us

      Qingdao Dingsheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, which is a coastal city of very prosperous economic vitality and coastal scenery. The company is founded in 2004, is a legal entity enterprise formally registered by Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau, and has general eligible taxpayer qualification. The company is specializing in research and development, production and sales of aluminum foil, aluminum product distribution, and aluminum foil products and extended products.

      After years of operation, the company has accumulated rich experience in the industry. And the company has become the largest aluminum distributor in Shandong Province.

      The aluminum foil sold by the company is produced by large scale enterprise with the world's most advanced production line, whose production equipments are manufactured by world famous manufacturers as ACHENBACH, KAMPF / WT, HERKULES, etc.. The production adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology, process organization, strict production, testing, and assessment procedures. The aluminum foil has passed the various types of common international authoritative certification, such as Detection of Trace Elements SGS certification, Food and Drug Packaging Materials FDA Certification of the United States, Chemical Material Safety Data MSDS certification, Quality Certification System ISO9001 (2000) Certification, Environmental Management System ISO14001 Certification: 2004, Occupational Health System OHSAS18001: 2007 Certification, etc.. Products can reach the thinnest thickness of 0.005mm, which can meet the requirements of different thickness, precision and special process of the enterprise customers. Our products are widely used in food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, electronics, home appliances, communications, construction, printing, decoration, daily necessities industries and other industries.

      Aluminum foil composite products and extending product: aluminum paper composite products, such as aluminum foil paper, gold and silver cardboard, pet composite paper, color cards of various colors, laser cards, etc.; aluminum plastic composite products, such as aluminum foil bags, vacuum bag, standing bag, valve bag, aluminum foil-PE bag, high temperature cooking bags and other plastic composite packing bag, roll film, etc.. The products are mainly used in food, cigarettes, drugs, wine, trademarks, machinery, health care products, cosmetics and other industry products, and external packaging.

      The company is willing to cooperate with the new and old customers, welcomes domestic and foreign friends from visit us and wish a happy cooperation!

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